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Rock ice cream was born in the 1980 from our father’s passion, who, moved by his love for this product, began making it daily for the customers of the restaurant pizzeria Rock in Bione.

A story of tradition, family and simplicity, which our family has been carrying with great love and enthusiasm.

We have grown a lot over the years, to the point where we now have several shops in the Brescia area, where you can find the taste of a fresh and, as natural as possible, ice cream.

Each flavour is handcrafted using high quality ingredients: biological milk, Vipiteno cream, seasonal fruits and ingredients,  and carrying on our family values such as passion, research and authenticity.


Gelaterie Rock

Sweet stories.

Not only ice cream

At Rock you will find high quality ice creams, in which all the flavour of the first-rate ingredients we carefully select emerges, but also cold pastry products (ice cream cakes, dessert, parfaits and celebration cake).

Our offer totally represents us. We devote a lot of time and care to the choice of raw materials, because we strongly believe in the importance of proposing healthy, genuine and natural products. 

We love to think that our creations can be enjoyed by everyone, and for this reason we also pay meticulous attention to the creation of gluten- and lactose-free alternatives.

Address and contact of our 4 gelaterie:

  • Roè Volciano: Via Roma 5, 25077 Roé (BS)
    TEL: 345.2964094
  • Vestone: Via Rinaldini 27, 25078 Vestone (BS)
    TEL: 333.2229774
  • Preseglie: Strada Provinciale 79, 25070 Mondalino (BS)
    TEL: 338.2620872
  • Salò: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 27, 25087 Salò (BS)
    TEL: 328.0105062